It's Not Always About the Main Character

Creating a Good Personality for your Main Character.

All main character is commonly on the good side, not that I know any movie wherein the main character is bad. Well, that aside, the attitude of the main character is somewhat what captivates the people into reading or seeing a story. The feelings that the character is really on flesh and is probably living is one of the things that surely get someone to read a story further.
If you read a story to pass time, the first thing that you will surely notice are the characters involved in it. Boring characters often result for the story not even being read for about 20 pages or so. That is why creating the ideal personality that will fit your main character while giving intrigue to the readers is important.
If you’re starting to arrange the personality of your main character you probably have already set out your story. If that’s the case then all you need to do is finalize your character. Firstly, make a profile for your main character and include basic information about him like his age, gender, occupation and such.
The character itself is important, but not having a good name may also push away possible readers from reading your story. That is why you must pick out a name that will resound the attitude of your character or the story is the whole. The name makes a great impact and sometimes become a motivation for readers to read more of your story.
After you’ve done that, then it will be good to create a longer profile for your character; include his desires, his reason for doing what he’s currently doing; he’s purpose in the story etc. Make a more detailed story about the character and link any events in his past that lead to what he is now.
Once you’ve finalized the story of your character, do the same with other characters and link each character in a big story that will set their journey. Keep challenges coming whilst not being boring. It is important to be careful to what you’re character will turn out as the story progress. Put yourself on your main character’s foot to create a more realistic story and enjoy until you reach the end you wanted.

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