It's Not Always About the Main Character

Avoiding Overly Perfect Main Characters

The greatness of a main character is what usually captures the attention of viewers. At first, a movie or series with a character that is all cool and strong is somewhat exciting than others. I can this from personal opinion and I am one of those that are really hooked to a series if the first episode is great.
Well, cool characters with extra talents is definitely great but sometimes, due to this main characters being so perfect, the point of the movie or series is sometimes left out that makes it rather pointless. Well, that is an opinion of mine, you may have different opinions but what I’m just stating is that overly perfect main characters sometimes ruin the movie instead of giving it a cool atmosphere.
First of all, when writing your story and deciding your character, never rely on hearsay or what you’ve seen in the first episodes of the material where you’ll base your story. You also shouldn’t make the main character somewhat related to a canon character, this may prove to give you further complication in the near future with your story.
Also, to avoid them being overly perfect, you should give them some ultimate flaws like; them being severely impatient; obsessed easily; anti social etc. They should be flaws that have real consequences for the character in his or her life and advance the story forward.
The characters in the story should also have different opinions on the main character. This will further prove that his not perfect in many ways and will create more twist to be expected on the continuation of the story to come. You may also make things hard for your main character. Never let him hog all the glory in by being the sole contributor to solving one major unresolved conflict in the story. Also, be realistic with the time. One of the biggest flaws of overly perfect characters is its fast pacing that is somewhat unrealistic. Take your time in building up the relationship between your main character and other characters.
Overly Perfect Main Characters are only good at the beginning of a story. This may put every reader or viewer in awe when he reads the beginning of story but remember that this will only be temporary. What keeps the reader or viewer, waiting for more is the progress of the story, the changes that may happen and how intrigue they get from its plot.

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