It's Not Always About the Main Character

Creating your own main character

Your story revolves around the main character that will lead its progress. How good your main character is, is the same with how good your story plot is. That is why creating the main character that will suit your story is important. Having that character which is definitely astray from the story is something that is a big ‘no’.
To create the right main character for your story, you should first know what kind of story you’re getting into; know the genre of the movie or piece of literature you’re going to make. Will it be fantasy, sci-fi, action, comedy or a combination of all? The main character you’re going to create will be moving in that story and it is important that he is one with it, not with just looks but also in terms of his name and attitude.
Also, you may identify what this main character signifies in the story. How important is he and what purpose does he serve in the plot of the story? Is he needed in some way for the story to progress? Well, these are questions that will certainly help you reach that conclusion of yours in creating your main character.
Next thing is to flesh out your character. Give him or her some basic traits that you wish to find in a grand main character of your story. If you are capable of drawing it, then draw it. You may also get opinions of some to reach how your main character will look like. You should also indicate the main character’s age, hobbies, history, like and dislikes, hobbies and such in order for you to get a better hold of what will happen next and how important your main character is.
Also, include the history of the main character. What made them to who they are on the beginning of the story and is there any dark secrets that he keeps in hiding? You may also write significant short memories you want your character to have, that is somehow related to the story.
The creation of a main character is extremely important in a story. You may let them progress while you write the story and give him a possible change in attitude, but still, be realistic and never overdo it. Draw your character and treat him as much as you treat a human being as they need to be realistic as possible to catch emotions of different viewers and readers.

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