It's Not Always About the Main Character

Naming your Main Character

Main characters are loved and remembered by many even after their literature sold out or even if their movies about to be cut off. That’s why the name that they will remember even after everything that may happen in time is important. Also, The main character’s name is as important as he is as this will give the necessary impact to the people entertaining the story.
The name of the main character should shout out the personality of him that is truly loved by many. His name may also come from different happenings from his past which made him what he is today. Naming isn’t as simple as thinking and writing it once you’ve thought of it. There are still important steps or factors that you may say is important to the naming of your main character.
Since it is your story, you get to decide the name of your character but first, be sure about the plot of your story. What time and period did the story happen? This will greatly affect the outcome of the story and name of your protagonist. Decide the age of your main character and year of his birth to be consistent on details you’re going to have in your story.
In writing the name of your name character, you may also want to look into the ethnic background of both him and his parents. Choose a name that is a derivative of something that may have come from the story or holds significance to the plot itself. It could also reflect major traits of the main character that will also be remembered by the people watching or reading it.
When doing names, you should extremely be original. You may combine names that you seen before but it will be better to not be stereotypical with the main character’s name. Remember the main character’s relation the other characters to decide how he will address them. Also, be creative in writing the name of your character and have fun doing so.
Including the name, you may also get nicknames for back when he was a kid and the names of his friends. This will surely be of help when you’re about to release the movie or literature piece. The name is as important as the character himself so be careful not to pick out the wrong name that some may laugh about.

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