It's Not Always About the Main Character

Tips in Killing the Main Character of a Story

Though risky, many do kill the main character of a story. Some do it in a fantastic way that people are swayed and mourn upon the deaths of these fictional characters. But if done wrong, killing the main character may do the opposite, instead it may bring hate to the author or director who ordered for the killing of their beloved protagonist.
To make a good ending that result to the death of the main character, you need to be careful and do it somewhat realistic. Consider the plot and the vulnerability of a human. No one can go live after some bombing that happened right beside him, and it is also impossible for them to walk unscathed after something like that. Be realistic to the happenings that will occur so you will not hear your readers or viewers groan on disappointment.
Also, you need to kill him or her off at the right time. You must be sure that it will be climatic and not just a way to end a literature or a movie. In doing so you’ll just attract attention from your soon-to-be haters. Think and think more of the right way to let the conflict occur.
Also, avoid morality statements that will be aimed for your viewers. This may often piss of some readers or viewers while receiving a bad ending for their favourite main character. Never do so and just be careful in the plot you’re planning. And also, kill the main character only if it is really related to the theme or plot of the story. Think of a significant way for him or her today and not just by simply cutting himself and getting poisoned or something.
Lastly, avoid resurrections. If you are to kill the main character, don’t miraculously bring back the dead to the living. This is practically unrealistic as well and can leave a negative impact to your story. If you can’t kill the individual properly then refrain from doing so and instead, make your main character live happily.
As a writer, you must consider everything about the protagonist that may have a great impact to your readers and viewers. You must gauge how they love the main character and what they’ll feel when he is killed or something. You should remember these tips and say goodbye to the beloved main character of your story properly.

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