It's Not Always About the Main Character

Steps in killing the Main Character

I’m not really fond of having the main character of a story dying at the end. It feels like everything was just pointless, but still many favours this kind of ending. I think it depends upon how the character died and why that makes the impact of the story positive or negative. If you’re a writer, would you kill your main character or let him or her stay alive and live happy?
If you’re one of those that wants the ending to be sad or somewhat memorable in a way different from others, then you better do it the right way so not to waste the story plot you’ve been working up until now. Killing the main character is risky stuff as doing it the wrong way will surely push your story down and never entertained by people.
A main character is loved by many. Well, that’s if they are made well and the progress in the story made people love them more. Do not kill them immediately without making the viewers love them. This will create a sorrowful ending that all viewers or readers alike may feel once the main character dies.
Go in depth about the details when the conflict is going to happen. Whether your character is in danger or personal tragedy, you must build up the tension to raise the excitement and nervousness of each reader and viewer. And also, before doing so, you must visualize the event and consider how the death of the main character will happen. Don’t let a main character die in a simple way or non climatic way as this will result in negative feedbacks from the viewers and readers.
You may create many conflicts inside the story and create ups and downs that may stress up and relieve the viewers of what will happen next. Be careful in not overdoing this as doing it the wrong way may bore them. You must think of a different way of killing the main character that may differ from other forms of literature and media. If you’re taking a hard time in doing so, research from other movies but never copy them as it may get you sued.
The main character is an important part of the legacy of a story, and killing him or her in the end of the game will surely be a difficult task. But if you still want to do so, remember to do it well and don’t waste the climaxes and plot that have already happened in the story with just a wrong death of the main character.

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