It's Not Always About the Main Character

Main Character Killed in a Story

Well, I’m a huge fan of stories, especially those of happy endings. I don’t mean fairy tales, just stories that ends up with the main character being successful in the end. From then on, I thought that main characters will never die in a movie or a series.
That ignorance of mine lasted a while. I kept in my mind that if the Main character is about to be killed, still there’ll be something that will happen that will carry the main character to success in the end. Because of this thinking I found myself never thinking that something extremely bad may also happen to the character.
When I’ve watched an anime that involved something extravagant from the plot of story up to the story’s progress, I was so eager that it will have an happy ending, but it proved me wrong. Well, the main female character died in the end having carried all the burden that could have killed both the main characters. I naturally thought that main characters aren’t suppose to die. They will always live and continue their story even if the series or movie has ended, but I somewhat found myself disappointed when one of my most favourite series came out with an unfavourable ending.
There are many writers and producers back then until today that ends up killing their main character and conclude the story. Though for some it may be disappointing, I found out that there are also those that may favour the death of the character. It all depends upon how he died and why. If the story falls from a non-climatic point up to the death of the character, then the story will surely earn a lot of negative feedbacks, but if the death is justified and the story turned out to be realistic and it connected with the readers or viewers, then it all turns good and somehow it may actually garner more positive feedbacks.
Main Characters are characters that all of us will love. They become legend in our hearts and a role model for the young ones. Even if their killed in the story from which they were known, it still doesn’t mean that the teachings involved were all false. In fact sometimes, their teachings are strengthened once they do die in the story and these lessons are carried on by the viewers or readers.

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