It's Not Always About the Main Character

Importance of Main Character in a Story.

Stories have far brought many individuals to imaginations of unimaginable lengths. They took us to different places that may or may not have existed, and made us felt like where there in that exact time and place where the story occurred. And what’s more, these stories made us learn to love its characters especially the main character or the protagonist.
No matter what name or term he is referred to; Hero; Protagonist; central character; focal character; and such, it still falls down to the fact that the main character is where the story revolves and progress. A main character, being a protagonist, is commonly on the good side while the antagonist is the one he fights or has conflicts within the story.
The main character of the story, doesn’t only show us the world of theirs which were created fictionally, perhaps one of the most indispensable job of these main characters is to open up a path, a door to which the emotions of the viewers are linked. The emotions of the readers and viewers alike are important in a story as this will determine how good the impact the story had to us. There are some main characters that fail to do so, and there are those which people just instantly loves.
A main character brings the reader or viewer to feel the different feelings their feeling in each obstacle they encounter. These main characters provide relevancy to the story and is usually the key to everything that happens within the story. Each happenings is also determined to be positive or negative depending on its impact to the main character and how he or she is affected from it.
The main character is simply one of the most important characters in a story. Needless to say, the antagonist is also a huge part in the story and both contributes greatly in determining the flow and outcome of the said plot. We may come to love both characters in different ways and both are essential parts of a story. The story benefits in the central conflict between the two characters, thus a new level of excitement is created and an exciting adventure awaits them.

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