It's Not Always About the Main Character

Creating your female main character

The main character as we know it, is probably the most important part of the story. When there’s the prince, you’ll see his princess, and when there’s the hero, there’s the heroine. Well, it is cliche but still, a male can’t be in a story by him alone, which is why there’s also the female main character.
Female Main Characters are probably the most complex of all the characters a writer has to make. The painful truth is that writers have been successful trained to write main characters for men and there is a significantly small guideline to create a woman as a main character in the story. Therefore it is understandable but unacceptable reason why numerous modern writers have failed to create main character roles for women.
When you’re creating a female main character, she needs not to be static or flat. She needs to have flaws which will help her connect to the readers and viewers alike. Having flaws will allow further change and growth which is essential to a main character, be it a male or a female. It is better for them to make mistakes, though not often, because this will help them learn from them and that is the same to the readers and viewers.
More importantly, you must also emphasize the importance of the female main character in the story. Your readers can tell if you don’t care about her when you pay a little attention to her and give her less space or time to grow. You may also give her a morale idea that she stands up to. This may get attention from readers and it will also set her apart from other characters.
Your female main character also needs to past the Bechdel Test. This is an extremely easy test which has the criteria of showing the significance of women’s lives in the media, which many writers fail. Also, make her be respectful and do not let her do anything explicit. Respect gets another form of attention which is definitely good.
Lastly, make her face challenges that will highlight her personality as a main character and show her skills that may intrigue people and be fascinated by her. Your female main character is just as important as the male one so be sure to take care of both. Keep the progress going, and never leave anyone behind in the progress unless it is involved in the plot.

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